“FiNANCiE” aims to be the next Facebook or Instagram, but what is it? Founder Hironao Kunimitsu’s successful blockchain scenario
FiNANCiE, a new social network supporting personal dreams, released its open beta on March 7, 2019. It is the latest in a string of services such as crowdfunding and closed online communities that allow individuals to gather support and raise funds. But what makes FiNANCiE unique is that it uses blockchain technology to provide mechanisms not only for fundraising but also community mobilization, for example through service transparency and participant incentives. We asked founder Hironao Kunimitsu, who describes FiNANCiE as “next-generation social media to replace the approval-craving social media of today”, about the project’s development, technical aspects, and goals.
DApp market pioneer: Good Luck 3 Inc. CEO Kazuhisa Inoue #02 – Putting all types of entertainment on the blockchain
Blockchain games, also called DApps (decentralized applications), play an important role as a component of the token economy. Successes such as CryptoKitties have emerged, but game design and revenue models unique to the blockchain continue to be discussed and explored within the industry. Amid this, Good Luck 3 Inc., together with CERES Inc., has developed Japan’s first Ethereum-based blockchain game, “Crypt-oink”. For part two of this two-part series, we asked Good Luck 3 CEO Kazuhisa Inoue, who says his entire company is focused on blockchain and DApps, about the DApp platform it is developing and his future outlook.